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Feb 26, 2011 6:30pm EST
this evening, the strongest words yet from the white house on libya. president obama for the first time calling for moammar gadhafi's ousting, and word of another major defection, the loyal nurse so acoften at gadhafi's side, has left. and look at these images in eastern libya where opposition forces have taken one of the presidential palaces, discovering among others things, books on sorcery. we begin with christiane amanpour on the ground, leading our coverage from tripoli tonight. >> here we are in tripoli, the libyan capital at the heart of the stronghold of moammar gadhafi. what said say may be his last major hold-out. we arrive among one of the few commercial airlines from europe. what we saw at the airport was a scene of real, a sea of humanity outside. looks like workers who have come here from all over this part of the world, from the middle east, from other parts of africa, and who have pitched up at the airport for the last several days with no tickets and very little money. they're there with blankets. they have what little food they can muster. they're sleeping. we saw
Feb 27, 2011 6:00pm EST
never leave. the president of the united states, president obama, has called on your father to step down. what do you think of that? >> it's not a matter of business. second do you think it's a solution? of course now. >> reporter: that is one of his father's closest advisers. what is your sflan are you staying, going? what is your father's plan? >> listen, nobody is leaving this country. we live here. we die here. this is our country. the libyans are my people. and for myself, i believe i am doing what i best. >> reporter: are you a frad at all? >> afraid of what? the point that you are hearing rumors. everything is calm. everything is peaceful. there is a big, big gap between reality and the media reports. >> reporter: i'm going to ask you a question. you say there is a big, big gap between reality and media reports. some say there is a gap between what you are saying to me and the reality of libya. >> the south is calm. the west is calm. the middle is zboen part of the east. >> reporter: his younger brother a former professional soccer player, spends most of his time outside of l
Feb 19, 2011 6:30pm EST
that president obama did call the king of bahrain over the weekend, so we want to bring in christiane amanpour. the host of "this week." always great to see you. i know you had an exclusive interview with secretary of state hillary clinton. what did she tell you about what we're witnessing? >> bahrain is a key u.s. ally. it patrols the vital shipping lanes in the persian gulf. i asked whether the u.s. would hold bahrain as strictly accountable as it did egypt. >> we try to hold everyone to a similar standard, but we cannot dictate the outcomes, we can't tell countries what they're going to do. we had no control over what happened in egypt. we expressed our opinion as we went along and we're working with our counterparts so their transition is peaceful, meaningful, transparent, produces results. >> secretary also said they want bahrain to continue reforms and they would speak out if there were violations of human rights or inappropriate violation. and barack obama, according to the white house, told the king of bahrain, he condemned any violence used against peaceful protest
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)